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Upcoming Events

4 May 2016
University of Hull Atheist Society, Hull
11 May 2016
Chiltern Humanists, Amersham
17 May 2016

Articles and Press

Secularism is the way to defend women's rights

Charlie Hebdo is not Islamophobic

Confronting Islamism with Secularism, Free Expression and Citizenship Rights

In Defence of Salman Rushdie
NUS: Defend Free Expression don't Restrict it

Free speech is not free if it is not free for everyone

MARYAM NAMAZIE: Why I had to face down the bullies trying to silence my supposedly 'offensive' stance on Islam

Goldsmiths Univeristy Islamist thugs try and fail to silence me

Goldsmiths ISOC fails to silence and intimidate dissenters

Ayatollah BBC and #ExMuslimBecause

#ExMuslim Because

Paris: The Answer is a Global Human Resistance

Apostasy, Blasphemy and Free Expression in the Age of ISIS

The Guardian: Through Islamist Eyes

Warwick University Student Union apologises and grants permission to speak
Warwick Student Union and the Islamist Narrative
Warwick University Student Union: Islamists incite hatred not us
Jeremy Corbyn: You can't be progressive some of the time
Passion for Freedom Art Festival: Freedom not western but universal
Maryam Namazie joins Advisory Board of Raif Badawi Foundation
Joint letter in defence of Bangladeshi Bloggers
Nearly 200 Signatories call to dismantle parallel legal systems
Day of Action for Raif Badawi

Promoting Secularism in the age of ISIS

Defending Charlie and Opposing Terrorism is not enough; You need to stand up to Sharia Courts

Behind the Arras: On Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin I was not born yesterday
I will not accept conditions on my Trinity College Dublin talk

And Still I Rise - Topless Action for 8 March International Women's Day

For Avijit Roy: Like Mukta-muna we are united in our grief and remain undefeated

Islam and the culture of offence: Missing the point

After the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Support those Fighting the Religious-Right
For Charlie Hebdo: Rage and Solidarity
Women’s rights campaigners welcome withdrawal of the Law Society’s sharia wills practice note
Onwards to establishing an International Front for Secularism
Promoting the global secular alternative in the ISIS era
Islam in the state is the end of everything worthy of 21 Century life
Bread and Roses TV
Sharia Law is madness
They kill atheists and we are deemed terrorists
Ghesas and execution are the same
Maryam Namazie elected to International Humanist Academy

وقتی زن بودن یک جرم است، اعتراض عریان یک چالش سیاسی مهم علنی است, International

عریان میشوم، اعتراض میکنم، تو را به چالش میکشم, RFI

Nude Protest for Interntional Women's Day at Louvre in Paris

69 hours left to help Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses: Will you support a free-thinking, taboo-breaking TV magazine?
On FGM: It takes courage to go against the grain
Iran: Not an Islamic revolution
Hassan Rouhani's charm offensive just plain offensive
On World Hijab Day
When will the Lib Dems side with us?
End Ban on Female Fans in Iran; Stadiums for All
In support of gender equality at York University
UK Public Institutions continue to fail to uphold environment free of gender discrimination
Gender Apartheid is an Islamist demand
Gender segregation guidelines u-turn following PM warning, Channel 4 News
Should Britain ban the niqab? Channel
Leaving the Faith, BBC Radio 4
We will continue our fight against gender apartheid at universities
Universities UK: Rescind endorsement of sex segregation
Secularism as a universal right
Walking a tightrope in the One Law for All campaign against Sharia: Between the pro-Islamist Left and the Far-Right
Lib Dems: Wrong Answer Again
Open Letter to Stop the War Coalition about de la Croix
Neither Veil Nor Submission
The rise of fitnah: Ready to cause affliction
To ban or not to ban the burka
Maryam Namazie wins 2013 DoDs Women in Public Life's Journalist of the Year
Egypt's fight is against Islamism
Siding with the oppressor: The pro-Islamist Left
We are human too; Half of Iran and the world - on farce of Iranian election
Secularism is my right; freedom is my culture
Fitnah targets Islam and Islamism; "ready to cause affliction"
Fitnah - Movement for Women's Liberation

In defence of nude protest: freedom is my culture

On 25 April: We stand with Bangladeshi bloggers and activists
4th April: International day to defend Amina
Impossible not to see
We can't leave Islam? Watch Us! On Apostasy and Freedom of Conscience
La Lucha Continua!
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Pot. Kettle. Black.
Sexual harassment in Egypt in state-sponsored
Ana Lama
The day the music died
World Hijab Day?!
Muslim Patrols! What about the others?
I dreamed that god would be forgiving
A warning to European secularists
Your Muslim friend
Despite the Fear
This is about politics not religion
Bravo Charlie Hebdo
Child marriages and Sharia courts: It must end now
This is why
Religion not Pussy Riot is gulty of hooliganism
It is meant to shock and provoke
Free expression, multiculturalism and political Islam
گفتگو با مریم نمازی: "زن ضد دین" و فتواهای سکولار
Meet this anti-Islam woman, an 'expose' on Maryam by the Islamic regime of Iran
We cannot remain silent on Islamist attacks on Tunisian universities
Hoodie and Hejab are not the same
تقویم انقلابیون برهنه
Nudity is Freedom: FEMEN Paris action
Seriously, we are intolerant?!
Idiocy or Revolutionary: In Defence of Nude Protest
Stripping for Iran
Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar 2012-2013
Human Rights Watch: Secularism key
Religion in power end of democratic politics
Charges of offence and Islamophobia are secular fatwas
Human Rights Watch: You are disgusting
On Press TV
You can expect threats if you discuss Sharia
If it's alright with the Guardian we won't welcome Islamism
Nude photo of Egyptian blogger scream against Islamism
The EU, like Sharia courts, doesn't want women to speak up! (photo)
In solidarity with Charlie Hebdo: A photo of Mohammad will have to do!
Secularists must stand up to Islamism
Judge Islamism's apologists for yourselves!
Maryam's interview on ABC Newsline
Enemies not Allies: The Far-Right
We don't want Sharia in Libya
Australia must fight calls for sharia
Religion is a private affair
Faith No More, New Statesman
Sharia law a code of despair
The Islamic Inquistion
A Courageous Activist
UN Stoning Call
Facebook disabled Maryam Namazie and Mina Ahadi's accounts!
Stoning is not people's culture
The burka empowering? I think not
It's a crime to be a woman in Iran
What isn't wrong with Sharia law?
Sharia law: A Threat to One Law for All & Equal Rights
Islamic states are a threat to humankind
50 Voices of Disbelief: Why we are Atheists
The Fighter: Maryam Namazie
Divinely Ordained law makes abolition
more difficult


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Goldsmiths Islamic Society thugs try and fail to silence Maryam Namazie #ExMuslimBecause Apostasy, Blasphemy and Free Expression in the Age of ISIS Maryam Namazie interview with Radio Scotland Secularism in the Age of ISIS, INR5 Conference Vancouver Misogyny in the name of God, Bergen International Festival Panel Discussion BBC Big Questions on Human Rights versus Religion International Women's Day Action, March 2015 Maniefsto for Secularism, October 2014 Maryam Namazie: Fear, Fitnah and Freedom, The Thinking Atheist, May 2014 Nude protest with Amina Sboui, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, Safia Lebdy, Maryam Namazie... on IWD in Paris, March 2014 Maryam Namazie debating gender segregation on Channel 4, December 2013 Speech at launch of Council of Ex-Muslims of France, July 2013 Secularism is a right and historical task, June 2013
I want to shout my atheism from every rooftop, March 2013 Maryam's speech at 5th anniversary of Council of Ex-Muslims, June 2012 Interview with Maryam Namazie on Australia ABC News 24's One Plus One, September 2011 The Islamic Inquisition, Maryam's speech at June 2011 World Atheist Conference in Dublin
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